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Venus in Leo, Mars in Leo: You are the divinely anointed autocrat of sex. No one tells you what to do and nothing can limit the expression of your sexuality. You break rules, not because you are rebellious, but because your sexual needs supercede all man-made laws and even some natural ones. I find it really funny how Leos deal with anger. Leos are big-hearted and want to shower lots of love to the world 2.

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But they get furious if you try to take advantage of their generosity 3. They are loyal to the fault 4. Leo will get everything they want 5. Leos are naturally social individuals and knows how to charm you 6. But they too need some solitary time to relax to gather their thoughts 7. Leos are confident on the outside and sensitive from the inside 8.

Leo Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

Leo is an optimist and will never hang on to grudges and negative energies 9. Leos craves for both attention and affection Leos are the defenders and their existence makes people feel safe. When Leo wants to end a relationship, the partner is often still needed as a friend rather than a lover. This state of affairs can lead to divorce if the partner is, understandably, unhappy with this situation. Consequently some Leos withdraw from their partner or treat them shamefully, in the hope that the partner will drift off and Leo can rewrite history pretending the whole affair never happened.

Leo is not always terribly good at setting an ex-lover free. Here is an exercise to help with this. Take all your old love letters from this person and burn them. Visualise yourself saying goodbye to them and loosening the bonds that keep you together. Bid them farewell and wish them peace and a brighter future without you. Make your imaginings as vivid as possible and burn incense, play music or use any other props that will heighten the impact of this ritual.

When in a relationship the Leo loves the childlike nature of the Gemini. It mKes them feel free and silly which are things they dont normally feel. They are very optomistic amd can thrive together! The most common problem in these relationships is that the Leo tries to control the Gemini too much, a Gemini is a free spirit and likes to stay that way.

But all in all the Gemini understands the Leo and their way of communicating. If they can get passed their issues it can lead to a really close relationship :. Like astrology?

Leo characteristics

Check out my blog geminidualityisabitch. The Lion is made to stand out, and in everything they do, they are strongly distinguished from others. They are most attracted to daring and different people or things that make an impact; anything that is marked by a stunning stamp of special-ness. But it has to be sincere, Leo can sniff out fakes faster than a cheetah on the hunt.

Leos are an extravagant sign, and are stereotyped for being loud and exuberant, and getting all the attention. Not all leos have to be loud and exuberant to get attention; whether they are cowering in the corner or singing at the top of their lungs, people will always be attracted to them. Leos are well known for sensitivity to their own emotions, and yet they are far less empathetic to the feelings of others. Leo can carry 2 people in his hair.

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He mostly carries Taurus because she tends to fall asleep at unexpected moments. When you feel you should have something or be something, you will work extremely hard and give it your all to achieve it.

How Leo Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

They can be impulsive, faithful, and take risks others may cringe from. Bursting with bountiful warmth, nobility, and drama, Leo is a combination of qualities that is too powerful to ignore. Their charisma is designed to attract an admiring audience, and acts as a caliber of living the Lion must live up to. They radiate rays of confidence in order to prove to themselves that they are, truly confident. But if they keep their sunny rays fixed on inspiring others to believe in themselves — the way Leo does everyday — they will truly earn the respect and approval they crave. Them needs tho, annoy the heck out of me!

Glowing Zodiac. The lion girl with a straightforward character is the most hated of vague words and speech, so they have always been straightforward. If they make a mistake in love, they will take the initiative to admit that if there is something they are unwilling to do, they will decisively refuse, this is their original appearance.

But when the lion girl begins to look for various reasons, all kinds of excuses to deal with you, refuse you, you have to pay attention, this may be the sign that they want to break up with you. Incredible Gifts.

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Leo male actually have their own fascinating side, that is, when they dominate the overall situation. Any difficult scenes are not difficult for them. They can control the scene very easily and freely. There will be no loss of control. Memiliki pasangan yang mengerti dan memahami tentu menyenangkan. Nah, sifat dan karakter seseorang dapat dilihat dari zodiak yang ia miliki. Well, salah satu pria yang memiliki karakter menyenangkan adalah yang berzodiak Leo.

Meskipun terkesan keras kepala, Leo akan membuatmu menjadi Ratu.


Berikut ini adalah 5 alasan mengapa kamu merasa beruntung dicintai oleh pria berzodiak Leo. Yuk, simak penjelasannya do bawah ini.

Leo facts and characteristics

Di dekatnya selalu ada hal seru menanti kamu. Hubungan kalian tidak akan membosankan. Akan ada banyak kejutan yang kamu dapatkan saat dicintai pria berzodiak Leo. Tidak perlu bosan, kamu akan menikmati setiap sensasi menyenangkan saat bersamanya. Leo sangat memanjakan pasangannya. Ia akan mengusahakan terbaik untuk pasangannya. Tidak akan membiarkan pasangannya mengalami hal tidak menyenangkan. Memanjakan kamu dengan perhatian. Ia sangat menikmati hidup, romantis dan akan memberi banyak perhatian pada orang yang dicintainya. Selain menjadikanmu ratu. Leo akan selalu perhatian terhadap orang di sekitarmu.

Ia tidak hanya membantu kamu namun juga membantu orang terdekat kamu. Pria Leo sangat suka ketika pasangannya mengandalkannya dalam berbagai kesempatan. Hmm, cukup mudah bukan membuatnya bahagia? Ia tidak mudah menyerah dan akan selalu mengupayakan yang ia inginkan.

Pria Leo dikenal dengan pribadi yang penuh dengan motivasi dan semangat hidup.

All About Leo: Compatibility, Horoscope, Birthstone, and More

Selalu optimis dengan cita-cita dan harapannya. Kesetiaan adalah kunci utama satu hubungan, maka memiliki pasangan Leo adalah keberuntungan bagimu. Ia sangat setia kepada pasangannya. Ia akan menjaga hubungannya dengan sebaik mungkin. Ia tidak suka dikhianati maka ia akan sebisa mungkin untuk tidak melakukan hal tersebut kepada pasangannya.

Log in Sign up. Aries: When you fall in love with someone over and over again. Cancer: Seeing a baby or small child smile at you or hearing the laughter of a baby. A Leo does NOT like being shared. Leo facts Leo the lion.